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Owning a business is hard work. And despite how successful a business is, not one single person has all the answers.
More challenging still, is knowing when it’s the right time to look for external support and ultimately where to find it.
How often do you find yourself at work wishing you had someone objective to run things by?
From something as simple as building a marketing strategy to something as complex as planning your exit strategy.
How could you benefit from having someone to help you navigate challenging terrain? Business coaching could well be the answer.

Keeping you and your business on track!
As a regular BWP Inspire blog reader, you’ll know that we are anything BUT a typical accountancy firm.
But it may well come as a surprise that we deliver tailored coaching programmes, covering a range of different topics, that help to motivate and drive our Client’s businesses forward.
Chris Byrne, managing director of Manchester-based CEB Electrics Limited told us;
“I started off as a one-man-band, but as my business grew, the urgency of the day job became my number one priority.
“Sorting out the staff, ordering materials, writing up tender documents and chasing outstanding invoices. It was relentless. In all honesty, little to zero time was spent thinking about where my business was actually going”.

Business coaching benefits
Chris had a good idea of what he wanted to achieve with his business; he just wasn’t quite sure how to get there.
He admitted he was initially quite sceptical about the benefits of business coaching but decided to give it a try after being encouraged by one of his friends.
“I don’t know why I left it so long”, Chris said. “Steve and his team have done my accounting for a few years now, so they obviously know quite a lot about my business already.
Having the opportunity to sit down with someone I trust, in a relaxed environment, who can offer support and guidance in so many other areas is absolutely priceless.
“I now meet with Steve for a monthly business coaching session. As well as discussing accountability, profitability and cash flow, we also chat about areas such as marketing, sales strategies, ambitions and goals.
It’s great to have a non-judgemental sounding board. He helps me to filter ideas and resolve pressing issues; something I couldn’t really do with anyone else in my business”.

The whole package
Commercial success can’t be attributed to one specific thing. It’s a mixture of all of the little things that make a collective impact.
And significant progress is often made when small, incremental improvements are made across the board. And that’s where business coaching comes into its own.
Because when we become focussed, driven and accountable business owners, that’s where the magic happens.