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The challenge is over!!!!! Team Inspire has made it across the finishing line with Gusto !
We have ran, cycled, hiked and swam our way to 7026km as a team. Some weeks were tough, some were horrendous but it was so impressive to watch the weekly numbers rack up. The extra push and incentive knowing we were adding to a team effort proved just what was needed to keep going.
As a wellbeing exercise it has proved a brilliant success. A lot of the team here at Inspire worked out before work, meaning a clear head and focus for the day ahead and became a great pillar of our wellbeing routine. Just as an after work run got rid of the stresses of the day. I’m sure its something that many of us will continue with going forward.
Its important that we continue to make time for ourselves and our wellbeing a priority.
I would just like to thank our fellow Great Wall’ers for taking part 🥰🥰and hope you managed to get something out of it – a bit more clarity and headspace, connecting with nature, an extra muscle you didn’t know you had!
Hopefully we can join up again soon for the next challenge – Bring it on!!👊