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“If you want to be wealthy, if you want to be successful in business terms, there is only one way…..add more value to other people’s lives than anyone else is adding” Tony Robbins – The World’s Number One Success Coach.

If you haven’t come across Tony’s work, then I’d urge you to check him out, he’s certainly had a big influence on my life, both professionally and personally over the past twenty-odd years. To such an extent that he once persuaded me to walk barefoot over a bed of hot coals at the Excel Centre in London (along with around 2000 other brave souls)!

One of the biggest challenges for all businesses today is how to stand out from the crowd, how to be different from your competitors, not just another entrant in the “price beauty parade” (whoever’s got the lowest price wins!). And the ultimate differentiator is to do something for your customers that no one else is doing, in other words, to add value to the relationship and by doing so, convert them from customers to “raving fans” of your business.

Why? Because in tough times even “satisfied” customers will desert you for a better offer, but “raving fans” will stay with you. And in the viral world, we live in those “raving fans” can be your best marketing resource, people love to talk about the good things in their lives.

So what’s the difference between your business and your competitors? What added value can you bring to the relationship with your customers? What can you do today to turn your customers into “raving fans”?